Review – Afterlife by Tim Gurung

Synopsis: Afterlife follows the journey of Enos Bronte when his life here on earth ends. Enos experiences loneliness, weakness, fear, hope and even utter exhaustion as he crosses different landscapes to meet his maker and be reborn again. It is the story of one such mind that would take readers into not only weird, eerie and scary places but also a sad, compelling and a beautiful journey that is mostly otherworldly.

Afterlife has an intriguing and unusual description of the place after death. I found the self retrospection portion of the journey a little lengthy for my liking. We follow Enos as he climbs and crosses different portions of the afterlife to find his wife and infant daughter who died 30 years before. I did like that he was able to reunite with his family. The different scenes that Enos over hears as people are taking their turns to speak to God were thought-provoking. It showed the depth or lack of depth in human character as each person was presented with their rebirth options. At the same time, if I knew that I was to reborn, I would want to be comfortable or have a good existence. I could not blame people for that desire no matter how foolish it was since in the end, there would be no memory of the previous life. Overall, good read for anyone who likes different types of spirituality.

Additional note: The author uses sales to support his charity ISSLCARE, which finances impoverished families in Nepal so they can send their children to school.

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