Review-Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakemere: A Magical Fantasy Adventure by Bernice Fischer

Synopsis: Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakemere is an action packed fantasy adventure story about a 12-year old boy who along with his best friend Rhed are trying to rescue his little brother, Matt, who was captured and held prisoner by an evil king and his wicked witch in the land of nightmares, Drakemere. The Sandustian Warriors,(Madgwick and Rig), a good witch named Angie and a dragon Aghazar are allies who are doing their best to stop the evil king’s plot to infiltrate the dreams of children all over the world by capturing Matt or Jeff!

I adore fantasy and Fischer combines magic,humor and fantasy masterfully in this adventure. The characters are lively and personable. I enjoyed reading the mischief that Matt caused within the castle and how his innocent heart even tamed a great big scary dragon. The world of the Sandustian was refreshing and intriguing because it was so different than the common fairy tales involving the sandman. Most stories involving the Sandman visualize him as peaceful. short and chubby or evil, thin and dark. I also liked how Fischer tied what happened in the past with the future. I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the ending and look forward to seeing more adventures with Jeff.

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