Review-The Last Cigarette by Carol Savoie

Synopsis: After 35 years of addiction, Carol Savoie (Licensed Practical Nurse) quit smoking in spite of living with a husband who continued to smoke.Carol is candidly sharing her personal journey and the 5-step process that helped her quit for good.

I am not a smoker nor have I ever been but I can relate as a person who watched loved ones struggle with this addiction. I felt the process described could definitely be used for other types of addictions. The hardest part of an addiction is the mental aspect because we can train our bodies to resist the physical dependence. Savioe uses her personal process as a guide and inspiration for others going through the quitting process. I liked her advice about being prepared to quit. I think that defining it as a lifestyle change makes it something easier to accomplish. I have seen people quit then gain or lose substantial amounts of weight because they didn’t plan to incorporate a new activity into their daily routine. I will have to admit as a nonsmoker, I can always tell the truly dedicated smokers because they will go outside when its cold, wet or even extremely hot to smoke. Overall, good book for those looking for inspiration or wanting to start the process of putting down cigarettes.

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