Review-The Kingdom Of Assassins by Erik Mackenzie

Synopsis: In the near future, a disillusioned New York City Counter-terrorist detective Mike Maclaymore, investigates a terrorist cell. A beautiful Arabian Princess, Sahrazad comes to identify one of the dead from an assault on a safe house. Later during the investigation a Saudi Diplomat is also found dead, as well as another man with no identity. Tensions rise between Iran and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the Sahrazad’s father is assassinated. Her brother Sayf has a differing of opinion of how the kingdom should be run than his father. Detective Mike Maclaymore purses the truth to its terrifying conclusion and comes face to face with a ghost of his past.

Although it started out a little slow, the pace picks up drastically drawing the reader into the story. I liked Detective Maclaymore and found the remorse he carried about the death of his mother and child made him realistic as a complex character. For the true espionage fans, there is enough technical description to make the missions and procedures believable. Sahrazad was not your common princess being humble, intelligent, having several degrees and even having combat training. I found myself wanting to see how she saw people because her gift of synthesization added an unknown dynamic to the story. Anyone who likes spies, fast paced action and a reluctant hero will enjoy reading this book.

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