Review-Damn It, Wake Me Up by E.G. Lander

Synopsis: Tony and Mary Calley had a nine year marriage their friends and neighbors envied. They seemed like the perfect couple, living in the perfect million-dollar house with the perfect son. Tony is a big time gambler and would bet thousands or even hundreds of thousands on a single race every day. Mary is not aware how bad the addiction is until her credit cards start getting rejected and their bank president contacts her about an overdraft. After confronting Tony on the shortage in their account, he told her it must be a mistake and took care of it by illegally getting a work loan. Tony continues betting, desperately scrambling to pay his debts and continue hiding it from his wife. He adds to his stress by having an affair with his new secretary Brenda Jean. Tony increases Mary’s life insurance and cooks up a scheme with Brenda Jean to kill Mary, which eventually puts her in a coma. Tony is hoping eliminate two worries at once, his wife and his debts. Everything seems to be following the script until an unbelievable event takes place.

Lander does a phenomenal job with the character development and definitely show some of the darker aspects of human nature. Tony predictably went from bad to worst as the addiction takes control of his life. He even overlooks something I thought may have been very important in regards to Brenda Jean. She has a troubled past and lied in her interview. Mary did what so many people do with family members that have addictions, she ignored the signs because it wasn’t hurting anything. I didn’t lose interest in the story and  kept hoping that Mary would follow her gut before it became too late. Overall, great read for anyone who loves suspense and realism.

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