Review-The Blue Crimes by Enrique Laso

Synopsis:Two bodies of young girls are found in a lagoon in the small town of Oskalossa, KS. A promising FBI special agent, Ethan Bush, flies out with his team to assist Sheriff Stevens with this case. It is complicated by the similarity of the deaths of these two girls to a cold case that was in the same place in 1998. Ethan struggles with his fear that his initial success may be just luck and he may not be able to solve the case as more and more small town secrets and complexities come to light.

I adore Criminal Minds and the style is very similar to the show. I was drawn into the mystery but I did have a hunch about the prime suspect. Ethan is a likable character that you want to see pull through as we experience emotional turmoil from his personal life that starts flowing into the case. The only thing I disliked is that the quotation marks were out of place in a some spots making it unclear if someone was still speaking. It caused me to have to reread sections to be sure I understood what happened. A great read for anyone who loves a good mystery and crime shows!

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