Review-Sophia and the Fisherman by Fran Connor

Synopsis: Sophia MacDonald has recently ended an unsatisfactory marriage  and decides to take a vacation SW France to clear her head.When she falls into the harbor, she is rescued by a very good looking fisherman, Laurent Mongaudon. She quickly realizes that he is no ordinary fisherman and he has something he is hiding from her. It is a secret that makes her evaluate her values and dreams of the future.

I didn’t like Sophia in the beginning because she was such a take charge type of person that she was rude and willingly ran rough shod over people to get her way. As the story progresses, she softens as she realizes that she has a tendency to overreact. I liked the sweet romance that develops between Sophia and Laurent as they learn more about each other. I liked Laurent right away although I did find his behavior suspicious. I definitely didn’t blame Sophia for wanting to know what he was hiding. The only thing I disliked was  there were a few scenes that were “told” instead of “shown”. I felt that it would have added further depth and expression to the characters. Overall, good read for those who love sweet romances with a little bit of mystery thrown in.

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