Review-Bits and Peaces (short stories) by Mitchell Graye

Synopsis: Bits and Peaces is separated into three sections.Section I is comprised of six fiction stories of varying lengths
Section II  consists of seven fiction stories narrated in first person by a character named Mitchell Graye – the author’s alter ego – each story about an unusual person he meets, his interaction with, and reaction to them. Section III consists of five essays that shows the author’s information gathering process and his perceptions.

I liked the stories in Section I and II but found Section III to be harder to read through. My favorite in the first section was “After All These Years”, describing an older man going to a high school reunion with a big twist. My favorite in the second section would be “Dennis and the Bad Guys”, describing a developmentally challenged young man with a huge imagination who saves the day. I feel like this is another example of how important it is not to write people off, enjoy our moments of peace but don’t push so hard to miss opportunities to give someone else a piece of your time. If the main character had not developed that bond with the young man the situation could have turned out differently. Overall, good read for anyone who likes a variety of short stories.

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