Review-Danger Close (Scott Wolfe Series Book 3) by S.L. Shelton

Synopsis: Scott Wolfe is a tech analyst who believes mental illness runs in his family. A huge portion of his childhood memories missing and his past continues to shape him in ways he can’t possibly understand. One evening in September 1996, something happened that changed the course of Scott’s life, and he was started along a path that affects him and everyone around him. After a failed abduction attempt—thwarted by Scott in spectacularly violent fashion—CIA Agent John Temple whisks him away from threats at home while simultaneously indoctrinating him into his first official field Op. The job of his dreams is only one decision away. But with that decision comes danger like he’s never faced and a life that he may not be prepared for—if he survives his first test.

I had not read the first two books in the series and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel lost in the sauce. It was just enough story backdrop available for me to be drawn in without missing a beat. It was action packed filled  and Scott was a likable character showing strength as well as vulnerability. It did confuse me at first with the switching of perspective from third person to first person but was fine once I got used to it. Overall, good read for anyone who loves action, spies and  mystery with technology thrown in.

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