Review-The Seeker: Five Book Set by Ditter Kellen

Synopsis: Ember Wells is photojournalist for the Lakeland Hedger and she has just received a promotion after being stalked for a year by a serial killer, The Watcher. She believes her life is returning to normal until she starts receiving the photographs again. She is stubbornly refusing to believe the nightmare is starting again. At this time she meets Angelo Dimitrov, a dark, mysterious stranger who sets her world on fire. Sexy as sin and shrouded in secrets, he appears out of nowhere and moves in next door. Ember’s world changes rapidly once she discovers that Angelo is a vampire and that she is part vampire! Ember along with Angelo, her best friend Laura and her cousin Shon are desperately trying to find the Watcher (also known as the Seeker) and the clock is winding down for his final move.

I was surprised at how quickly I was drawn into the story and loved the unexpected twists. I find as an avid reader that I can often predict what will happen next but not with this series. It was a delightful and suspenseful read with a smashing of romance thrown in. I feel there is definitely enough material to expand this series further with another book. Over all, great read but would caution there are some steamy sex scenes.

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