Review-Torn Part 1(Her Second Love Series) by Kelly Kathleen

Synopsis: Carolyn’s perfect life was destroyed when she came home and caught her fiancee in bed with another woman. Six months later after moving, changing jobs, and completely erasing the man she had pictured standing at the alter with, she feels like she’s finally getting back on track.Her girlfriends all say it’s time to start dating again, there’s no point in someone her age staying home night after night and Carolyn would like to agree, but she is alarmed to discover the only man she seems to be attracted to is her boss. Carolyn can’t for the life of her figure out why either. He’s demanding and short-tempered, the man barely has two words to say to her, but it’s something beyond just being physically attracted to him, although as handsome as he is, there’s no discounting his looks, but she feels Mr. Whiting may be a kindred spirit. And yet she felt he is mysterious in some ways.After a late night spent in the office, Carolyn knows the attraction is mutual but so is the hesitation.

It is a short novella that draws you into the lives of the characters. I didn’t like Carolyn. She is one of those people who can’t seem to make a decision on their own and cannot see past their own inner turmoil to understand other people. With that being said, Ms. Kathleen did a marvelous job bringing the characters to life and even though I found Carolyn detestable I still wanted to find out what happened next. I look forward to finding out what happens in Torn Part 2, will Carolyn choose Robert or Steven?

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  1. The books seems common and unoriginal. Hopefully the female protagonist will show more personal growth and better self sureness in the upcoming books. Follow my blog at

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