Review-Benjamin Buckingham and the Nightmare’s Nightmare by Gregory Gershwin


Synopsis: The story begins with Benjamin Buckingham loving to watch a TV series about an evil professor and good dinosaurs who ruin the professor’s plans.  He often dreams that he is part of the episodes to save the day. When his teacher Mr. Marchetta, asks the class to read their dreams to the class, Benjamin is embarrassed when a class bully recognizes the dream as part of the TV series. Then one night, Benjamin dreams he is saved from a monster by Snark, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. When he wakes from the scary dream, Snark is under his bed!  After nine year-old Benjamin Buckingham calms down, he chooses between chasing after the dinosaur into a secret world or… going to school. What Benjamin finds is an imaginative world with castles filled with people who create dreams. But, Benjamin discovers something else, something awful, something treacherous. An evil castle creates nightmares and the ruler of this castle wants to destroy all the dreams. Benjamin begins a quest to save a kidnapped king and finds talking animals, magical castles, and frightening monsters along the way.

Benjamin learns valuable lessons during his adventure about making friends and having confidence in himself. I felt that Benjamin was an endearing character that many children will find similar to themselves. I was so glad when Benjamin understood that you don’t have to try to fit in, your friends will like you for who are. Myrna, the talking caterpillar had me chuckling as she tried to play matchmaker. It did keep my interest but I do think it may be a little long for younger ages. Overall, good read for school age children who love action, adventure and of course dinosaurs!

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