Review-Sarah in the City of the Moon by Fida Fayez Qutob and Dalia Qutob

Synposis: Sarah and her classmates go on a class trip to the City of Moon. It is a beautiful city watered by springs and surrounded by gardens, however Sarah wanders off and gets lost from her classmates. She waits for awhile for them to come back, but eventually sees a light that leads her to a mosque. The old man that she meets sends a message through the intercom system for her teacher and introduces Sarah to his granddaughter, Raya, who quickly become friends. Sarah is reunited with her teacher and classmates.

It is a delightful story that has lots of descriptive pictures. It is short with easy wording so that it can be read in one sitting which I think will continue to hold even a smaller child’s attention. It also is perfect opportunity for children to see a different culture. The only thing I disliked was that the teacher didn’t stress more the importance of Sarah staying with the group. Overall, good read that will be enjoyable for parents and children to read together.


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