Review-Decay (Tesla Evolution) by Mark Lingane

Synposis: The story begins with Melanie’s sickness being miraculously cured and advised by the doctor to stay away from her friend Sebastian because the same thing that made her well could make her sick.The steam academy is rebuilt, but the city is not the same. The fortress of science, the last sanctuary from the marauding cyborg army sweeping the land, is being twisted by refugees as they flood to the city for protection. With thousands of refugees pouring into the city, food shortages and unemployment are rampant. Because of this people are restless and malcontent and are willing to listen to anyone who can give them someone to blame. Sebastian also finds out that someone is helping the cyborgs by giving information and letting them into the city. Sebastian and his friends embark on a journey into enemy territory to end the war and risk losing everything.

Steampunk doesn’t often appeal to me but I did find this book demanded my attention from the beginning. I have not read the first in the series which I do NOT recommend because it doesn’t backtrack to provide background for things that have already happened. It is definitely a series book that needs to be read in order. The glimpse into the cyborg community was charming and entertaining as it has many aspects of today’s society for example, the cyborg names beginning with an @. An interesting read for teens and older who like a good mix of understandable technology and adventure.

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