There’s Nothing Wrong With Who You Are!

Of the many concepts that we come across daily in life I think individuality is sometimes the hardest to comprehend and apply. It is human nature to want to be like someone else, to want to have similarities and to want to be a part of a group. No one likes to picked on. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be like everyone else around you unless you are damaging yourself to be like others. I had loved watching my goddaughter when she was learning shapes with the wood blocks. She constantly wanted to put a round peg in a square hole. She would get it in there and then be mad because it didn’t fit right and would keep falling out. Unfortunately that is sometimes what we try to do to fit in. If you have ever watched children play at recess, they will eventually pick on the child who is different whether its race, size, age, sex, clothes, abilities or even interests. This is why I feel, it is a struggle to be and love who you are. I think we forget that being different is not always bad and sometimes we are not as different as we thought!

When I am down on myself, I take a moment to reflect on what I am doing and what I want to accomplish. Sometimes, I find there is a discrepancy there where I am not being true to myself. I love the song by Jessie J “Who You Are”, it is a positive song and great to listen to during self-reflection. What do you do to refocus or recenter yourself?

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