Review-DEMON DAYS: Love, sex and dark humor. This book has it all plus robots by Carl S. Plumer

Synposis: Set in New York City 2035, we meet Zach, Mallory, Helena, Dani and Timmy Jimmy, a group of friends going out to party. What could be better than a party out with your friends in NYC? The future is bright. Unfortunately, the night ends badly filled with kidnapping, killings and demons from outer space. The demons came to Earth to kill Zach because of a prophecy and will stop at nothing to destroy him. In passing, Zach has a run in with a demon after Mallory is kidnapped in a cab. He ends up in the hospital barely alive in a coma with doctors doing procedures never tried before. Mallory’s disappeared, presumed dead. The demons have captured¬†large groups of humans to torture for information and somehow Helena, Dani and Timmy Jimmy become part of that group.

I will say that although cleverly written and edited, I didn’t like the book. I didn’t want to visualize the demon descriptions, they were disgusting and repulsive. The characters were likeable and well developed although pretty much clueless as to what was happening. I did like the extra details provided with the appendix but also felt like maybe if they had been incorporated in the story it would have been more enjoyable to read.If you like dark and off -color humor then you will be entertained by this satire.


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