Blog Tour – There’s Always Love by Joycie Russ

Blog Tour
Always Love
Joycie Russ
10th – Mar 20th
Simmons, a young homicide detective has a recurring dream that leads her into
reopening a cold case as a favor to a friend. As she searches for answers, she
discovers old family secrets and she finds herself further from finding the
answers she desires. Will she be able to find the killer before the killer
finds her?

UK              US

2014 Joycie Russ
1: DREAMS It was just starting to get warm again. The flowers were beginning to
bloom and everywhere you looked, it was green. How sweet, she thought as she
stood and stared out her bedroom window. She hurried over to her dresser and
pulled out her favorite pair of jogging pants. She hurriedly dressed and
prepared to hit the road. She grabbed her iPod, keys, phone and of course her
gun and badge. She was out the door and on her way in a flash. She thought
about expanding her route, but not today. She would do her usual dash, through
her neighborhood and up and around the hospital parking lot. As she ran onto
the parking lot, something caught her eye. She stopped and walked over towards
something on the ground. As she got closer, she realized it was not something,
but someone. The person was motionless. She knelt down and felt for a pulse,
but there was none. She took out her phone and started to call for back up.
Suddenly with a jerk, Jade woke up. It was the same dream, she thought as she sat
up in bed. It always started the same and she always woke up before she made
her call. This was the 4th or 5th time that she had the dream. She had not had
a recurring dream since her childhood. Why now and why this dream? What was the
significance of it and who was it that she found lifeless? Questions without
answers. She shook herself and got up. The truly weird thing was that she had
stopped jogging months ago after she injured her knee. Her knee had healed
completely, but she had not returned to jogging. Okay, she could see where this
was heading. Another day of wondering why she stopped jogging and what it
meant. She got up and took a shower. When she got out of the shower, she
remembered what day it was. She cringed and took a deep breath. Today was David’s
last day. He was retiring. She missed him already. He had such an easy way
about him. She loved to hear him talk. He could carve butter with his words. He
was smooth and he could talk a suspect into giving up in a heartbeat. He was
tough as nails and a very good cop. David had become so much more than just her
partner. He and his wife were her family and she loved them. It would be
different not seeing him in the squad room. Plus, there was the task of
breaking in a new partner. She stared in the mirror. Today would be a hard day
and she dreaded getting started. She pulled back her hair and began brushing
it. As long as she could remember, her mother always told her to brush her hair
before she started to style it. Her hair was curly and at times it could be
unruly. Her mother was part Native American Indian and her father was of mixed
heritage (Black/Hispanic) as well. She guessed that accounted for her long
thick unruly hair. She thought about her childhood and growing up.

A Richmond Native, Joycie Russ has written several short stories. She loves to
write and stopped when she became a wife and mother. She feels like she has
returned to her first love. She has published her very first book and is
currently working on a sequel There’s Always Adventures in Love.


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