Review- Fairy Tale Murders by Kelly Money

Synposis: The story is told from the points of view of the serial killer and the detective trying to find him. We first  meet Stan, the shy son of a mortuary owner who yearns to do more than inherit the family mortuary business. When the opportunity arises, Stan finds a way to be free of his overbearing father and take control of his life. He uses memories of his mother reading him fairy tales to find his own princesses to feel powerful and confident. Detective Kate Kingsley desperately searches for her missing best friend, Kristen, while hot on the trail of the murderer. She hopes against all hopes that she will be able to find her friend alive as the number of women disappearing continues to increase.

Stan had what I would call a psychotic break when he tries to help his father by doing CPR and his father berates him. I was not surprised that he decided to let his father die, it was a response of a sensitive soul that had been oppressed and unhappy too long. It is sometimes easy to forget that although there are no physical marks that emotional abuse can still leave ugly scars. The characters are engaging and  I really liked the detective character who was tough and relentless in her search for the killer. It is an enjoyable read but caution it is a little morbid.


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