Review-Guy Erma and the Son of Empire Series by Sally Ann Melia

Synposis: The author has broken up the original book into 3 parts, Kidnap (Vol 1), Hunter (Vol 2) and Exile (Vol 3).Two boys as different as any two boys might be. Guy Erma has only one dream – to join the Dome Elite, a planetary protection force of space marines and fighter pilots. An unregistered orphan, to gain his place Guy Erma must plead his case to Chart Segat, Commander of the Dome Elite. Teodor, Prince of Freyne, lives a life of privilege as heir to Freyne 2 and the Freyne Empire. He has tutors and all the things money can buy. When the Prince is kidnapped by Battle Borgs, his mother, Regent Sayginn, will go to any lengths to find him even losing a political debate. The two boys’ paths are drawn to a crossroads as a horrific planet-killer peril is revealed and changes both their lives forever.

As with any great science fiction story, Guy Erma & the Son of the Empire takes a little while to acclimate to the new world and terminology so it does require some rereading of parts. But once I got used to it, I was eager to find out what happened next. It reminded me of Dune with the fast paced action, double-crossing villians and young heroes forced to grow up fast. Overall great read for any young adult or older who likes science fiction. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the Freyne Empire!

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