Review-The Vengeance of San Gennaro (Tales of MI7 Book 3) by J.J. Ward


Synposis:The novel centers around Venice, Italy where Giuditta Cancellieri an artist known for her controversial pieces is getting ready to debut her next installation at the Venice Biennale, Giuditta Cancellieri’s Il Timore di Dio, consisting of six paintings of something as yet undisclosed to anyone. Authorities have placed an  injunction to make sure the paintings are not shown because of fear of what the content may be. Since the announcement of Il Timore’s inclusion in the festival, the city has been filling with well known criminals from around Europe, and most commentators don’t think that’s an accident.For Signorina Cancellieri is no ordinary artist, she’s closely linked to one of MI7’s old enemies, Constantius Sopa. The political environment is complicated and tense as the Veneto is nearing an election to determine it will secede from Italy. As things come to a head, Agent Gavin Freedman is dispatched from London to find out just how intimate the link between Giuditta Cancellieri and Constantius Sopa is.

The novel is well written with a suitably rapid pace to keep the reader’s attention. It showed some of shadowy and dingy aspects of being an agent that it is not often seen in books and movies.I am more of happy ending kind of gal so there were several scenes that were not appealing to me. Agent Freedman was basically disowned by his superior Sir Christopher and left in the hands of a seedy businessman Scifoni. He was abused physically and mentally by Scifoni who took advantage of his power. Overall, good read but I do caution this is not for the light-hearted reader as you may find it too somber for your liking.

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