Review-The Cancer Club: a crazy, sexy, inspirational novel of survival by Lucinda Sue Crosby

Synposis: Marly Mitchell, a successful writer,  plans a healing journey with friends to her favorite vacation destinations in search of reconciliation between her new and old selves after recovering from a mastectomy. Before her fight against cancer, she’d had zero empathy for the reasons people gave up and now found herself being one of those people who wanted to. She is assisted in her self discovery by her friends, family and her support group that she calls the Cancer Club. The Cancer Clubs helps her to understand that the emotional upheaval she is feeling is normal. She finds new strength within herself to speak about her struggle with cancer, deal with long-standing familial conflicts, and finally, a deep sense of peace.

After reading the first few paragraphs in the first chapter, I almost stopped reading the book. I will have to admit that the darkness of the feelings expressed were so raw and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to take on more. I have always felt that suicide was a selfish act but I also have yet to had an extreme health crisis. It resonated with me that maybe it is not that cut and dry. Marly’s travel adventure is engaging as she interacts with family, friends and romantic interests through humorous and even melancholy situations. Overall, a great read that provides understanding to the tizzy of emotions that come with life-threatening illnesses.

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