Review-Weresisters by John Patrick Kennedy & Shelley Stoehr


Synposis:This novel is divided into two parts.Part 1 is from Kyra’s perspective and Part 2 is from Selene’s. Sixteen-year-old Kyra is not your average teenager. She can telepathically communicate with her adoptive father and she has no memories before the age ten. On top of the normal trials of acceptance and wanting to be cool, she also has to wear a brace for a leg impairment. After an incident that occurs on the bus, she finds out she is a werewolf, she has a mother and sister and there are other werewolves in her school. She is trying to come to terms with these discoveries when an insane werewolf hunter is pursuing Kyra with plans to use her as his lab rat. Selene is beautiful, tough,stylish and the leader of the meanest gang in school. Then Selene kills a human and unleashes her bloodlust: a murderous rage that threatens to turn her into a mindless, violent beast. Terrified of what she may become, Selene runs away with Farren, her pack leader from Wyoming, in hopes that she will learn how to control the bloodlust before it overpowers her humanity. Far from home, Selene finds she must run again because she is being hunted by a psycho reporter.

It started out a little slow but quickly picked up the pace with action and mystery. It was attention grabbing and the bond between the sisters shone through despite their personality differences and backgrounds. I am not a young adult enthusiast so it usually takes a lot for me to get into a young adult novel but not this time.  I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Overall, great read for lovers of action and supernatural.

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