Review-The Incredible Bucky Berrot by E.G. Lander and Connor Shelander

Synposis: The Berrots have lived for hundreds of full moons deep in the jungles of Australia in Bayberry Hills. They live following a tradition that is strict and outdated. When Bobbie and Buddy Berrot give birth to Bucky, he changes everything for Bayberry Hills. He is naturally inquistive and questions the laws put in place. Bucky challenges tradition when he helps an enemy neon fly. Because of his influence, things begin to change in Bayberry Hills and the neon flies and Berrots become allies against the eebees.Through Bucky’s friendship with Whitmore, the neon fly, he learns about Jola or God and extends the teachings to his town after a daring rescue mission.

Lander has created a wonderful fantasy world of talking exotic birds and various other creatures. Children will learn fundamental guidelines of kindness, understanding and acceptance through Bucky’s adventures. It is an easy read that children will not have any problems reading on their own. I did find a few details that were confusing that are most likely typos. In few places, Bucky’s mom Bobbie is called Bonnie and there was a point when an old bird that was saved by Billikin says conflicting statement of how Billikin was killed. Overall, enjoyable read that I believe children will enjoy.

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