Book Review- Kathmandu the Novel Book One by Gerry Virtue

Synposis:  An Australian aid worker named Andrew Moresham stumbles into a web of conspiracies and secrets,where he is mistakenly given a letter intended for the former occupant of his hotel room, a mercenary named Charles Merrick. When Moresham refuses to turn over the letter, he is threatened and quickly finds himself a target for hit men. Along the way he befriends Kate, Emma  and Ashok, a nine-year-old hotel kitchen boy. Ashok takes them to meet his teacher, Sadananda, an old holy man,who tells them tales from the Himalayas and helps Andrew to find a safe haven.

I enjoyed reading the mythology stories that were weaved into the novel. There were a few times where I wanted to find out more about the mythology characters because it was so compelling and beautifully written. I feel the stories add a depth and complexity to the novel. The description of Nepal is breath taking and fascinating and draws you in deeper as you continue to wonder how such a peaceful place can have such ugliness lurking behind the scenes. The only thing that bothered me was Andrew’s stance on the letter. His reasoning behind keeping the letter but not turning it in to authorities was unclear. Andrew’s indecisiveness turns the situation from being bad to worse as young Ashok is taken prisoner and tortured. The ending had me on the edge of my seat hoping we would finally find out about the conspiracy. Virtue ends the novel with several questions unanswered like why Sadananda gets the feeling it is not truly over even though Merrick and his cronies have stopped pursuing Andrew. Look forward to finding out what happens in the sequel!

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