Review – A Passing Curse by C. R. Tolson

Synposis: Detective  Reese Tarrant  is forced off the LAPD for shooting serial killer Richard Lamb also known as  the “Anaheim Vampire” for drinking the blood of thirteen women. He follows the trail to billionaire Ajax Rasmussen, CEO of Cirrus Industries who basically owns the town of Santa Marina.He meets archaeologist Penelope “Rusty” Webber  who has been hired by Ajax to investigate Indian skeletons found behind the Santa Marina Mission. This isn’t the first time Rusty has worked for Ajax and is unsure whether to trust him after being almost killed on the last project. Reese who is not superstitious begins to believe that Ajax is something supernatural after several bizarre killings that appear to be cover ups whenever people investigated or objected too deeply to Ajax’s affairs.

I will have to admit that when I first started reading the book, I was not sure if I was going to like it. It has a very action packed beginning with switching of the story lines between Ajax, Penelope,Reese and several minor characters. I found it a little distracting because in some of the story lines it jumps from present to past and then fast forwards a couple of months. I felt like I was thrown into the mix of the story way too fast for the first few chapters and then pace settled in once the main characters paths crossed. Other than the beginning portion, I really enjoyed reading the book. It was a refreshing modern view of the vampire that definitely showed in the lifestyle of Ajax. I liked how the way the mystery unraveled in such a way that even though the reader can see all, it kept you guessing as to whether Ajax was really a vampire or violent psychotic killer. It was also interesting to see if the characters would figure out what the reader already knew. The touch of romance between Rusty and Reese was realistically played out with their separate agendas causing it to be underdeveloped and fragile. Overall a good read for vampire, horror and mystery fans! 3.5 stars

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