Safety Tips for Christmas Shopping

Tis the season to be merry and enjoy the family but also the season that theft and heartache rises. I work for a public safety department and they send us notices of a few things to do to deter opportunity seekers. Remember that nothing is full proof and we can only do our best to not be taken advantage of.

1. Don’t leave your purse,wallet or anything of value in your car at home, work, or whereever.

2. If you must leave something in the car, put it a spot out of sight or cover it with a dark blanket/cover.

3. While shopping at the mall or other stand alone stores, do not put just put your bags in the car and go back in the store. Most opportunity seekers watch the parking lot to see when someone will do exactly that.

4. If you have heavy bags, I suggest putting them in the trunk or covering them within the car then driving your car around to the next store or another entrance and parking. This way if someone is watching they will think you have left the mall and make you a less likely target.

5. Don’t leave your car running at any time unattended with the doors unlocked. Opportunity seekers love the easy mark and hundreds of cars a year are stolen via what is sometimes called the puffer method.

6. Last but not least, pay attention to announcements made about crime patterns in your area. It could make the difference between a happy holiday and an ugly heartache!

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