There’s Always Love —shameless promotion of my mom’s new book

Premade Book Cover Joycie Russ Ebook

My mom published her first book called There’s Always Love. I am so excited for her and hope that she will continue to follow her dream. My sister and I have tried for a long while to get my mom to publish her book and she finally gave in after I said I would help her get it published. At the time, I had no idea that it would require additionally endless of promotion. I did expect she would need some advertising but in no way did I believe the promotion portion would actually be the harder chore after finding the perfect cover and formatting to be published.

Here is a brief excerpt:

He moved Jade, Jasper and Claire down the hall to the side door. Claire used her badge to open
the door. They walked down the steps into the parking lot. A car pulled up quickly and Peter
ushered Jade and Jasper in. There were two men in the car. The one in the back seat had a gun
aimed at Jade and Jasper. Peter pushed Claire back against the steps and jumped into the car.
They sped off.
Jasper put his arm around Jade and held her close.
“I told you to take your hands off of her” said Peter.
“And I told you to come and make me” said Jasper.
“Cut it out Peter” said the man in the back seat with Jade and Jasper.
Peter glared at him and turned around.
Jade held on tight to Jasper. She looked at Jasper and he looked at her bracelet. Jade took a
deep breath as she remembered that her bracelet had a tracking device in it

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You can read the complete press release at :

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