My Nightmare Came True!


Three weeks ago, my house was broken into. It all started with a dream that somebody had bust into my friend’s apartment and I was pushing on the door to try to stop them from coming in. Maybe it is coincidental but that very day (it was Friday) I was reading one of the magazines that your car insurance sends with the stories and one of them the guy was talking about how to catalog items in your home. He had been robbed.

I am very thankful that I wasn’t home and only a few small items were stolen. I will not be ungrateful because I know those are true blessings. It just was hard and really sometimes is hard to get back the peace of mind I once had. I feel like my world was invaded and violated. Little noises in the night just don’t sound the same. I wonder if they ever will. Its hard not to feel paranoid.

It truly upset me. I don’t bother anyone, I pay my bills and I live my life. Why me? And as I evaluate the situation I could also ask why not me? It made me look at my routine and actions to determine if they are making me an easy target. I don’t want to continue to be the victim. I don’t want to pick up a victim mentality either, blaming others or worse feeling victimized by the world!

It came to a point where I realized there was a few key things that I could have done to prevent but there nothing I could have done to stop it from happening. Alarm systems,guard dogs and gadgets are all deterrents and preventers but not stoppers. I had to accept the fact that if someone is determined to get in, they will. I just have to do my best not to be an easy target.

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  1. AJay says:

    Sorry to hear that. It took me a while to get over my burglary as well. But it is good that you where not home when it happened.

  2. sid says:

    hi Ivory,
    I’m sorry to hear that your house was broken into , I can certainly empathize as my house was broken into a couple of months ago also and I live in a pretty upper middle class community.

    We ended up getting an alarm however nothing replaces the sense of security that was taken away from you.

    I guess the interesting thing once i reflect back on it is that the theives helped me get rid of the things Ive collected and allowed to collect dust lol.

    anyhow great article keep up the writing…


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